Intentional Object / ālambana vibhāva

Component of rasadhvani

The counter-part to the interacting object.

ālambana vibhāva - Intentional Object

ālambana - depending on or resting upon, hanging from, supporting, sustaining, foundation, base, reason, cause, (in rhetoric) the natural and necessary connection of a sensation with the cause which excites it (153) [1].

Book of Mormon

"Bipolar" Nephites (Mosiah 25:5-11)

And again, when they thought of their brethren which had been slain by the Lamanites, they were filled with sorrow

And again, when they thought of the immediate goodness of God…and gave thanks to God.

And again, when they thought upon the Lamanites…they were filled with pain and anguish, for the welfare of their souls.

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